Learning at
Long Street

Digital Technology

Long Street Primary School students have access to 1:1 devices. Students from R-4 are issued an individual iPad to be used at school. Students in Years 5 & 6 are issued a laptop to prepare them for high school and the world beyond. This approach ensures that no student is left disadvantaged whilst being able to access a world of information at their finger tips. This access to technology also enables teachers to collect evidence of learning (assessment) through a wide array of methods, reflecting inclusive practices.


Long Street Primary School staff have partnered closely with the Department for Education’s Literacy Guarantee Unit to ensure our practices in English and Literacy reflect world’s best practice. This includes all classes from R-6 implementing the DfE Phonics/Spelling and Morphology lessons. With a focus on learning to read in Junior Primary and a focus on reading to learn in the Primary years, we are proud to see our learners thrive.

Through our school improvement plan process, we are revising the way we approach the teaching of spelling and reading comprehension. This work is such an exciting space and is showing promising results. Our educators are supported by leading experts in their fields to follow the research of best practice and through coaching systems to ensure consistency in the classroom.

Through the use of data, using assessments with a strong evidence-base, we are able to identify the achievement levels of all students in English in a timely manner. We have a strong intervention team in place to ensure that no learner is left behind.


Long Street Primary School staff have partnered closely with the Primary Mathematics Association of South Australia to implement best practice in Mathematics. Our teachers focus on making mathematics real – using concrete materials, working inside and outside the classroom to explore concepts deeply. Developing mathematical understanding leads to improved fluency and outcomes. Our students focus on problem solving using realistic scenarios of interest where they then prove their thinking through the reasoning process.

STEM Integrated Learning

Long Street Primary School has outstanding STEM and outdoor learning facilities to enable teachers to be creative with their approach to teaching an integrated curriculum. In 2023 we are partnering with the Whyalla Partnership Curriculum Lead to develop an engaging, inclusive curriculum which embeds the general capabilities of literacy, numeracy, critical and creative thinking, ethical and intercultural understanding, digital learning and students’ personal and social capabilities. Watch this space for more information to come!

Specialist Subject Areas

HPE, Science & Technologies