We warmly invite all learners to enrol and engage at our school. We partner closely with students, families and support services to ensure that our curriculum is actively inclusive of learners with additional needs, whether these be physical or cognitive disabilities.

One Plans

​Identified priority learners (including Aboriginal students, students with disabilities and Children and Young People in Care) have an personalised learning plan to ensure their educational experience best meets their needs to enable them to achieve their potential at school. This includes consultation with families regarding access to services, strengths-based conversations about the child’s interests, passions, talents and motivations. Goals are set regularly, aligned to the child’s learning, so that growth is tracked and measured – not left to chance. One Plans give students and families voice to influence their child’s education. As their first teachers and best advocates, we warmly encourage families of our learners to engage in this process fully so that we may adapt our systems to be best-fit for your child.

Autism Inclusion Teacher

Since Term 1, 2023, we have embraced the new Autism Inclusion Teacher position by electing a passionate teacher with expertise in this field to undertake the role. Autism Inclusion Teachers provide support to our staff on how to best support and educate students with autism. They engage in world-class professional learning and partner with our community to develop ideas and opportunities that enable every learner to access and excel through their curriculum.

Student Support and Intervention

We have an outstanding team of Student Support Officers who work in close collaboration with our teachers, leadership team and Student Support Services to ensure access and engagement capacity for every learner.

Our team meets regularly with Special Educators, Speech Pathologists, Hearing Experts, Behaviour Coaches, Education Psychologists, Aboriginal Leaders and Student Wellbeing Specialists to ensure that we are providing best-practice in line with inclusion research.

We have employed an Intervention Leader who coordinates literacy and numeracy intervention for students of all year levels to ensure that the support provided for our learners enables them to thrive and access curriculum alongside their peers.

We provide an Autism-friendly Sensory and Interoception space which can be accessed by learners to support them to regulate, articulate and communicate their needs so that they may re-engage in their learning. This space is staffed by passionate educators who work in collaboration with our teachers and leadership to amplify the voices of our learners so we can best meet their needs.

Inclusive Facilities

Our classrooms are all inclusively designed and fitted with sound-field systems that support learners with hearing difficulties to be able to hear comfortably in their environment. Every classroom is accessible via ramps for wheelchairs and we have a specially designed bathroom to cater for members of our community in wheelchairs.

Interoception Regulation Space

Since Term 2, 2023, we have opened our Interoception Regulation Space to students all day. This space is designed with Autistic learners in mind, accompanied by individual sensory profiles to support each child to regulate in an environment reflective of their individual needs. Non-Autistic learners who regularly access the space may also have profiles developed to reflect strategies that support them to be Ready to Learn again. Learners are supported to identify their emotions through the Zones of Regulation and Interoception activities. Attendance in the room is tracked and monitored closely with analysis happening on a regular basis to ensure that our whole school reflects a safe, Autism-friendly environment.

External Services

We regularly have therapists from a wide range of disciplines at our site working with our staff regarding individual student needs, providing workshops with learners and facilitating professional learning experiences.