Governing Council is responsible for setting the school’s broad direction, developing policies and monitoring progress towards the directions set in the Site Improvement Plan. Families are warmly invited to join Governing Council. Governing Council meet twice a term with the Principal and a staff representative. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in Term 1 where parents and community members join the council and nominate for roles.


Governing Council members:

Principal: Dianna Pickert
Staff Representative: Helen Whyte
Chair Person: Rebecca Lehmann
Deputy Chairperson: Jessica Johnston
Treasurer: Ricky Johnston
Secretary: Rhiannon Smith
Peta Shore
Amaras Prime
Kye Hanley
Chloe Turnbull
Michelle Shore
Brea Ward

Governing Council dates

Term 3:
15th August (week 4)
12th September (week 8)

Term 4:
7th November (week 4)
5th December (week 8)